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Brass Band

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  1. Tale of the Dragon

    Tale of the Dragon was commissioned by the Senshu University Tamana High School Band in Japan to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. Composed as a dramatic finale Tale of the Dragon is a piece of programmatic music that tells an old Japanese legend of adventure and bravery...
  2. The Three Kings

    Arrangement of the tenor solo by Peter Cornelius.

  3. Symmetricoil

    The composer has said " I'd like to think this would be the sort of music Derek Burgeious would have written if he worked in a factory". This work was a finalist in the 2015 European Brass Band Championships composer competition. Because of the time constraint imposed by the competition, it's a little shorter than modern test pieces, but will still be an ideal centrepiece for any concert, in addition to being a great choice for contests that require a 20-30 minute program including a major work.

  4. Rocking Carol

    Rocking Carol features a horn trio and is based on the carol Little Jesus, Sweetly Sleep… with a verse of Away in a Manger (Normandy Carol) included. A beautiful arrangement by Graham Robinson.

  5. The Enchanted Dance Hall

    This work, commissioned by the Evening Post Onslow Band, evokes images of times past and the faded glories of a dance hall through a charming series of dances, some slow and melancholic, others boisterous and irreverent.

  6. Shine

    This major work, appropriate to be a First Section test piece, is a tribute to one of New Zealand's iconic bandsmen, Riki McDonnell. For decades, Riki has been the epitome of shining through any and all circumstances. The euphonium duets are a nod to his recording partnership with Mike Kilroy, the flugel solos are a recognition that, before he was New Zealand's finest euphonium player, he was the country's best flugelhorn player. The gradual progression of the thematic material from minor to major reminds us that Riki can always make some positive out out of any situation.

  7. Carnival of Venice

    The Carnival Of Venice is arguably everyone's favourite solo, especially the version by Arban (1820 - 1869), author of the famous brass-playing method book still in regular use today.  Young soloists aspire to master the necessary techniques, accomplished soloists know that it is a "sure fire" winner with audiences and listeners love to be dazzled by a virtuoso display of variations on a theme they easily recognise.

  8. Largo (Winter)

    In 1723 Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) composed four concerti for violin and small orchestra entitled The Four Seasons.  Winter is the fourth of these and the Largo is its central slow movement depicting a cosy scene by the fireside watching the falling rain.

    This arrangement was prepared at the request of Brett Baker and has been recorded by him accompanied by Brass Band Of The Western Reserve, music director Dr Keith M Wilkinson, on the CD Slides Rule!

  9. March Slav

    March Slav was composed in 1876 for a charity concert to support the war in the Balkans.  It was completed in the remarkably short time of 5 days and was encored twice at its first performance!  The themes are based loosely on Serbian folk songs and there is also a reference to the Russian national anthem.  The mood is funereal in style at the opening but this gives way to a very triumphant style by the end.

  10. Semper Fidelis

    This march was written in 1888 and dedicated to the US Marine Corps, later being adopted as its official march. At the time of its composition Sousa was director of the US Marine Band.

    This brass band version contains a small amount of optional movement around the stage and a percussion feature. These will enhance the presentation.

  11. Basque Lullaby

    Basque Lullaby is a setting of the carol for choirs The Infant King. The full text begins in the manger, moves through the Easter story and ends (the last of 4 verses in the original) with the resurrection.

  12. Festival Prelude on Richmond

    This opener-style work for band, based on the hymn Richmond, was commissioned and recorded by the Canadian Staff Band. It's an exciting, well written work for band and will be a welcome addition to any band's library and repertoire.

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