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Stai si, defenda! (Stand Up and Defend) - Score only

Duration: 5.00

Series: Lucerne Music Editions Concert Band


Arranger: Corsin Tuor

Sample Score

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Stai si, defenda romontsch, tiu vegl lungatg (Stand up, defend your old Romansh language): This composition was named after a quotation from a poem by famous Romansh poet Giachen Casper Muoth. The arrangement deals with various well known songs for male choir such as A Trun sut igl ischi (In Trun under the malpe tree), Si sededesta Rezia (Wake up, land of Raetia), Il pur suveran (The independent farmer) or Il paun palus (The rosted bread). An atmospheric beginning over a pedal point uses quotations from these songs and leads eventually into a dark but warmly orchestrated section on Nossa viarva (Our language) by H. Erni. The piece ends, once more quoting A Trun sut igl ischi by J. Heim, a dedication to struggle for freedom and independence.

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