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Mastermind 2.0

Composer: Cedric Fuhrer

Series: Musikverlag Frank



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Mastermind 2.0 ("mastermind") describes the life of Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954), an English mathematician, cryptoanalyst, computer scientist and theoretical biologist. He is considered the father of computer technology and played a significant role in the deciphering of the Enigma machine, a coding system of the Nazis in the Second World War. Alan Turing was considered a difficult personality: highly intelligent and aware of this, he was often a fellow human being, not a simple working partner. His brilliant spirit, however, made him search for unconventional solutions, which helped him to achieve many successes. He was also confronted with some difficulties: because of his homosexuality, Turing was forced by the British state to a hormone cure, as in Great Britain homosexuality was considered a crime. In 1954, at the age of 42, Turing took his life; It is assumed that this happened because of this hormone therapy. On December 24, 2013, Alan Turing was officially rehabilitated by Queen Elizabeth II and pardoned posthumously.

The piece does not follow a programmatic or chronological course. It draws much more on the tragedy of Alan Turing's life. The calm beginning and middle part reflect the melancholy and sadness of the short life. The turmoil of the phrases shows the despair of Turing: As soon as a great sound arises, he is already collapsing. The rhythmic parts show his analytical "mastermind" and bring out his masterpiece, the Turing machine, in the music. The harmonic simplicity stands for the simplicity of this first computer, while the nested rhythms form the complexity of the ideas behind this invention. The end of the work is as dramatic as the end and life of Alan Turing.

The work was awarded the 2nd place of the composition competition 2016/17 by the Swiss Brass Band Association SBBV.

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